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Oseetah Lake is an 826 acre lake located on the Saranac River and the Saranac Chain of Lakes. Situated on the Franklin and Essex County border, it encompasses a wide range of wildlife habitats, boating opportunities, and scenic vistas.

It gained its present state in the late 1800’s when the Saranac River was dammed in downtown Saranac Lake. That event formed the present lake of Lake Flower, in addition to flooding the various ponds and wetlands that presently form Oseetah. Miller Pond, Averill Pond and others were subsumed, and all but the name Miller Pond have been lost. Some locals still use the name Miller Pond when referring to the lake.

The Area Lakes

The Area Lakes, with house location marked (Click the image to view at full size).


Larger Map

Larger map of the area, showing more towns, lakes and mountains. Click to see image at full resolution.


McKenzie Mountain from Oseetah Lake

Oseetah's shore is dotted with summer camps, and mountain views can be had in all directions. Here you see McKenzie (with the double peak). Little Haystack is just to the right, in front of Whiteface (in nearby Wilmington) in the distance. McKenzie and Little Haystack are two of the local hikes available right here in Ray Brook. (Publicly licensed image from Wikimedia Commons.) Click on this image to open a larger file showing all the detail.

Sawtooth Range

The Sawtooth Range Across the Lake. Most of the far shore is "forever wild" state land, part of the forest preserve (copyrighted image, John Sweeney, not to be reproduced or distributed). Click for larger image.

Ampersand Mountain

Ampersand Mountain (copyrighted image, John Sweeney, not to be reproduced or distributed) - Click for full scale image